La Tierra Verde                                 

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La Tierra Verde offers three quiet comfortable holiday accommodations on Finca El Chorrillo. The Finca (farm house) is situated on a unique location,

In the gently sloping green valley of Martin Laguna. Due to the orientation of the valley there is a micro climate in comparison with the rest of the

surroundings. In winter the temperature is a few degrees higher, while in summer a constant air current ensures a pleasant refreshment.


El Chorrillo was originally a horse breeding farm. Two of the three holiday homes are located in the coach house and adjacent stables.

The third holiday home is the cottage, the former living quarters. A lot of the original characteristics can be found back in the rooms.

The three houses have a marvelous few of the valley and the opposite hill sides.


Although the finca is situated only 5 minutes from the highway A66, this is not at all noticeable. The valley is very quiet and tranquil, the silence only

broken by the call of birds, sheep, goats or other animals.


Only 3 km from the finca you'll find the village of Alcuéscar . In the village there are a number of restaurants and cafes. You'll also find well-stocked

supermarkets for your daily shopping’s. There is a bakery, a traditional butcher and numerous other little shops. The weekly market is every Friday

morning and has many stalls with fresh vegetables and fruits, cheeses, ham and sausages from the area.